RIP Captain Rosa

July 3 at 4:37 PM 
I am beyond honored that my fellow ff and I were able to come pay our respects to our brother. The amount of personal out here was amazing. Not just fd. Pd came in full force too. There is no doubt we lost one of the best. It’s never easy to explain to people why things like this mean so much to us and why our hearts hurt when we have lost another. We don’t have to know each other personally in this field to know we are all family or care about each other. The overwhelming gratitude that we have received from long beach fd and other local California fd’s really puts things into perspective. They are very appreciative of the firefighters who have traveled to be here but it feels like we should be the one thanking them. They invited us to celebrate a brothers life. I will forever remember the stories that were shared and the legacy that Captain Rosa left behind. Many people were blessed to be involved with such a great guy and have forever been changed by this. But like always every firefighter will get back on that truck and do their job without hesitation to continue to honor our brother. R.I.P. Captain Rosa.

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