November 20, 2018: McQueeney VFD Volunteers Tour McQueeney Elementary School Campus

At their regular training exercise on Monday, November 20, McQueeney VFD volunteers walked the campus of McQueeney Elementary School, becoming familiar with the layout and size, and determining lengths of fire hose required to reach different parts of the campus. A campus map was provided and other important details were noted. Volunteers were advised that the school’s ALICE training designates the Pic-A-Taco parking lot, a short distance down FM725, as the escape location and safe refuge in the event of an active shooter or other such incident. This will probably be the response location for the firefighters.

While there, the school principal extended an open invitation to the firefighters to visit the school anytime to have lunch with the students, read to them, etc.  McQueeney VFD Chief Bogisch strongly encourages a partnership with our local elementary school.

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